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The Great Pequannock 

Halloween Costume Contest

How to Enter and Prize Info Below


The Prizes:
1st Prize: $300 Cash
2nd Prize: $200 Cash
3rd Prize: $100 Cash

All Entries Receive a Free X Gift Certificate.

How the Costumes are Judged:
Each costumer will be judged on 3 categories. 
1) Originality and Imagination.
2) Cultural References that relate to current news of fun trends.
3) Coordination with another costume (2 or more people) or with your Environment.

How to Submit Your Costume for the Contest.
1) Take a Picture of your Costume with your phone's camera.
2) Text the word "halloween" to (973) 378-1224.
3) When you get a reply from that number, follow directions to submit your costume picture.
4) That's it! You'll receive a prize just for entering and be entered into the main contest.

A) No Purchase Necessary to Enter.
B) You may submit 1 entry per phone number.
C) Entries Must be in by October 31st at 11:59PM EST.
D) Winner will be announced November 2nd at 2PM EST.